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HG0 - Hyperscale GeoAnalytics Hub

Featuring an industry-neutral standard for graph algorithms and designer dashboards to visualize any kind of geographically distributed data with geolocation. 
"Get a 360-Degree View of Your Business"
Cloud Analytics Modernization
Data Science Acceleration
Application Versatility 
Full Customer Service

Our Five Spoke Wheel Approach

  1. Integrated Open Geospatial/GIS Ecosystem - GIS - Geocoding, Mapping, Routing, w GPU Acceleration 
  2. Interactive Analytics & Visualization - Designer Dashboards 
  3. Automation, EDA, ML, & AI - H2o AUTO ML & Driverless AI 
  4. Integrated Open Data Science Ecosystem - R Studio Server & Shiny Server 
  5. Integrated Open GraphQL Mesh API - Mesh - QL Microsoft Graph


We customize Lenovo rack-servers utilizing AMD's EPYC III chips, Tesla GPU's, and Mellonox connections, to deploy the most powerful set of solutions and capabilities at the absolute best cost Hybrid-Cloud FedRAMP compliant options through Microsoft Azure.